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Sarah Meahl

Broadway: Paramour, Hello Dolly

"I had heard Chris York's name buzzing around the Broadway community years before I got the chance to have my own lesson with him. In only a few short months, he has helped me find MY voice. Thanks to him I am confidently singing material I had only dreamed of. Chris teaches me the technique I need and gives me confidence. He always finds a way to remove all my inhibitions and can 'trick' me into hitting the note I was struggling with. I leave our lessons feeling validated and proud.  My hourly lesson with Chris York is always my favorite hour of the week; Not only does he help me achieve my goals, he's also an outstanding human."

Kei Tsuruharatani

Broadway: The King & I, Miss Saigon

“Chris has helped me find a voice that’s most comfortable for my body with his extensive knowledge on the mechanics of voice. As English is my second language, everything fits in different places from when I sing in Japanese. But he made me realize that a voice is a voice, we can always tweak to get the best result. Now I’m on my second Broadway show!”

Jakob Karr

Broadway: Cats

"Working with Chris has completely changed the way I audition. I used to walk into the room to sing with my head hanging low and my palms sweating profusely. He has instilled in me a brand new confidence in my voice. Without his patience and faith in me, I would never have built up the guts to sing a solo on Broadway. Thanks Chris!!"

Chelsey Arce

National Tour: Love Never Dies

"Chris's name was mentioned to me a long time ago when I was in need of vocal therapy. Years later we have reconnected and I couldn't be happier. I was looking for someone who would be able to commit to me and my voice, understanding my needs, wants, and what is required of me at auditions. He is an incredible 'personal trainer' for the voice -- really listening to what YOU need and what the industry requires of YOU, not just the general actress, or dancer. He makes you feel like you are his only student pouring every bit of information he can into you. He has helped me get out of my comfort zone and learn what MY voice really sounds like. Chris's attention to detail, and his desire for you to improve and find comfort in your voice is exactly the cocktail one needs to have on their team to book."

Ryan Scott Oliver

"Chris York is the man. When I needed a tune-up on the voice for a rare concert moment, Chris was there to help me get my head back in the right headspace.  I recommend him to all my students in!"

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Gabriella Pizzolo

Broadway: Fun Home

"It is always a pleasure to work with Chris.  His professionalism and knowledge have helped me through many auditions and jobs.  I know that when I have questions or need really supportive vocal advice, I go to him."

Sophia Gennusa

Broadway: Matilda, Doctor Zhivago

"The first lesson I had with Chris, I was naturally nervous and slightly insecure about the sound and tone of my voice. I needed someone who would support me wherever I would be. After my first lesson, I already felt more confident with the way I was sounding. Chris was so encouraging and helpful that I wasn’t afraid to mess up in front of him or anyone else. As I got older, I was able to grow into my voice more comfortably without worrying about how I sounded. He makes you feel confident, accomplished, and I’ve experienced so much growth personally and voice-wise alongside Chris. The highlight of my week is being able to learn new things and sing without a care in the world. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful person lead my vocal journey."

Liz Carr

Parent of Sophia Gennusa

"Chris has been Sophia's mentor for the last 3 years. He has patiently guided her, in order  for her to be able to sing and perform with steadiness, ease and confidence,  in ways that we never had imagined. He always believed in her which helped her believe and trust herself; reclaiming her deep passion for singing. We are eternally grateful for his knowledge, wisdom, patience, humor and his unique approach to teaching voice. He simply is the best and the most genuine, caring person, in his field. If you're fortunate to study with Chris;  you've struck gold."

Madilyn Jaz Morrow

Broadway: Matilda

"Chris is not just my voice teacher and coach. His genuine support and encouragement is a gift. He knows exactly how to get me out of my head. I have found my mix and my overall vocal range has improved tremendously since I started working with him. Chris has truly helped me find my voice and keep it healthy and at it's best."

Zell Steele Morrow

Broadway: Fun Home

"Chris is the best and so much fun!"

Dina Morrow

Parent of Madilyn Jaz Morrow & Zell Steele Morrow

“His knowledge and understanding of healthy vocal training is extremely important to me as a mom. My son truly has fun learning with the creative techniques that Chris uses. Zell loves blowing into straws and using his whole body to warm up to sing. Chris goes above and beyond to prepare my children vocally and emotionally for auditions, cabarets, and performances. We are forever grateful for his constant support and guidance.”

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